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Payments under this agreement will be charged i) today, for the initial one-month membership period and then ii) monthly for each one (1) month period beginning on the thirtieth (30th) day after the start date specified above. After completion of the initial one-month membership period, this membership agreement will renew each month for successive one (1) month periods until canceled either by Vent Blotique or Member. Member agrees to provide Vent Blotique with a new credit card within fifteen days (15) of the expiration or replacement of the card used to secure this Membership Agreement.

Member is permitted to cancel this agreement with 30 days written notice. The Written Notice of Termination may be on a form supplied by Vent Blotique and you may receive or submit the notice via mail, email or hand delivery where you initially purchased your membership. It is expressly agreed and understood that Vent Blotique may cancel any membership if your credit card does not accept the monthly membership fee.


Membership entitles Member to receive (2) Premium Blowout services per month, (1) Complimentary Premium Birthday Blowout during birth month, and a ten percent (10%) discount on retail products and additional services. Use of the benefits under this Agreement may not be combined or used with any other promotional or sale offer by Vent Blotique. Upon expiration or termination of this Membership, Member will have sixty (60) days to redeem any accumulated two (2) services per month that Member has not used during the term of this Membership, and Member will receive no cash refunds or any other item of value for unused services. Rates for the purchase of additional services after the use of the monthly services under this Membership Agreement may vary by location.


Member agrees to provide advance notice of at least twenty-four (24) hours PRIOR to any appointment scheduled by Member. Failure to do so will result in cost to Vent Blotique, and Member agrees that Member will forfeit that allotted monthly service under the Membership Agreement. Member agrees to check in for a scheduled service at least 10 minutes prior to the appointment. If Member is late for an appointment, Vent Blotique may need to re-schedule the appointment.


Vent Blotique may contact Member through mail, phone or email regarding Member’s account and other offers from Vent Blotique. Neither Vent Blotique nor its employees shall be responsible for any personal items lost, stolen or damaged. Vent Blotique reserves the right to change the facility hours as necessary, and Vent Blotique reserves the right to change membership prices upon thirty (30) days prior notice. If Member does not wish to continue membership at the new payment amount, Member must cancel this membership by written notice. Member may not transfer this agreement to any other party. Membership privileges are personal to Member and are not transferable to any other party.

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